Marketing Consumer Goods and Services to the LGBT Community

The Pleasure Is Ours

Consumers are Fickle- gay or straight. The average person sees hundreds to thousands of ad messages a day, making it more important to stand out from competitors and the clutter of advertisements to ensure your marketing is effective.

At OUTBrands, we know a pleasurable purchasing experience can be the key to a sale, so we’ve perfected the craft of creating a beautiful, memorable experience that will grab and hold your customers’ short attention spans and entice curiosity to engage, inform, and convert.

What creates the intrigue to capture and hold a customers’ short attention span to set your brand and products apart?

That’s where we help. With over ten years of conceptualizing advertising for the customer experience and digital optimization for retail brands in the fashion, accessory, lifestyle, art, and design industries, we have compiled a digital guide containing over 100 pages on how to shoot, market, and present advertising, copy, and creative to maximize results for consumer goods and the retail sector based on channel and omnichannel cohesiveness.

How does OUTBrands approach customer experiences?

In a world of non-stop information and research that is accessible in the palm a hand with a quick Google search, tracking and understanding the customer experience can become increasingly difficult. As smart phone use and purchases increase, OUTBrands understands the importance of properly reaching customers depending on where they are in the consumer journey and making the online and/or offline experience with retail brands a pleasurable purchasing experience.

Optimizing this experience is often the key to a sale. With statistically high abandon cart rates and website bounce rates, retargeting and abandoned cart emails can heavily impact conversion rates and retention of customers over time. At OUTBrands, we know how to optimize experiences that can become key to the first sale and repeat purchases. We understand the different types of design that create beautiful, memorable experiences.

We conceptualize, create, and test various creative designs each created and deployedbased on channel, continuously optimizing to maximize revenue and results that keep customer loyalty. After all, one unhappy customer can influence another’s purchasing decision and destroy the chance of ever ratifying the underlying problem between the customer and the product. We face this head on with a customer-centric approach—a happy customer holds the same influence, but in a positive way – sharing with friends and family how a brand or product team went above and beyond to make the experience pleasurable, even if there were bumps along the way.

Why should retail brands market to the LGBT community members and their allies?

There is a progressive attitude shift in advertising per polling in recent years. The minority LGBT group holds buying power beyond $900 Billion. Learn more here…

HEADER: LGBT households and consumers make more shopping trips and spend more money than the average U.S. household. We understand the importance of this demo for any growing business, and have extensive resources to help you stay on top of LGBT buying trends. Click here to take a look at the 2016 LGBT Buyers Report.

We have expertise in the following Consumer Goods and Services:

  • Alcohol, Nightlife and Dining
  • Luxury Goods and Services
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Fashion, Clothing, Accessories, and other Retail Products (Link in tab to
  • Design and Living
  • Fitness and Sporting Goods
  • Home and Garden
  • Personal Protection
  • Fraud/Identity Theft
  • Legal Services

Are you ready to put your products and services in the hands and hearts of the LGBT consumer? Contact us today.