Know thy demographic

Advertising and Branding for your LGBT initiatives

LGBT consumers shop more frequently and spend more money than the average consumer, making their attention and loyalty that much more valuable for your brand. Because we’ve gotten to know this community’s buying habits and preferences, we will ensure your brand stays at the forefront of your existing customers’ minds and prospects that will turn into loyal consumers.

You already know that digital is a key element of any marketing strategy. But how will you use its power to reach your target within the LGBT demo? The amount of information on how to best leverage this space can be overwhelming. At OUTBrands, we understand what is and is not effective in the digital space, and will create a targeted advertising and branding strategy that will harness digital tools to grow your brand’s reach in the LGBT community.

Branding, Advertising and Strategic Planning Services Include the following:

  • eBusiness Strategy and Planning
  • eCommerce Strategy and Website design + Website Audits
  • Innovation Planning
  • Brand Strategy + Messaging + Communication Planning
  • Account Planning
  • Customer Insight
  • Marketing + Media Strategy
  • Segmentation and Multivariate Testing
  • Metrics Definition + Setting KPI’s for Analytics

Are you ready to discuss your plan? Contact us to get started with planning your brand for an intro to the LGBT community.