Measurement – Market Research

While numbers don’t lie and data is important to collect, translating numbers into Market Research and what the numbers mean for continued growth and changes in strategy. At OUTBrands, we understand how and why proper measurement matters. As data gathering capabilities have grown, so has information overload. We help set out strategy and goals to determine what Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) will be used to determine success, testing, and optimization. If you have no way to set measurement to use the data in an actionable way, the numbers become meaningless as it pertains to performance-based growth. When an action plan for measurement is set up in a plan with goals and objectives, the numbers become important indicators on how to modify strategy for growth as it relates to customer behavior, product demand, effective copy and design, and collecting feedback from customers at various places in the customer experience with your product or brand. Whether a customer is brand new, a brand loyalist, or has purchased and suddenly stopped, we assist in determining why and optimizing strategy accordingly. That means more time for your team to work on product development or projects with the data and information in-hand to grow your business, reach your goals, increase awareness/peer influence, and continue to gather new LGBT customers and keep existing loyal LGBT customers.

Our Measurement services include:

  • Campaign Analytics as they pertain to Key Performance Indicators
  • Translating Web Analytics into Insights Ready for Action
  • Data Warehousing Services for Yearly Reports
  • Custom Reporting that Makes Data Clear and Considers the User for Testing
  • Package Implementation
  • Quarterly or Scheduled Data Reviews and Optimization Process
  • Market Research with Focus Groups, Digital Surveys, Customer Service Feedback, and Incentive-based Campaigns in Exchange for Feedback whether through email surveys for inactive customers, social media campaigns with rewards for participation, and even letting the customer make decisions through feedback – either gathered by campaigns with “either or” voting or selecting from options pertaining to future product development or direction. Customer-centric insights and listening to what the data says with measurement is highly effective and keeps the authenticity at the core or the brand’s marketing efforts.