Social Media and Social Networking in the Gay Community

Social media and influencer marketing play a huge role in brand awareness and growth. We leverage our fluency in social and our extensive influencer network to draw LGBT consumers to your brand. Digital media already plays a huge role in highlighting LGBT issues. According to a recent study, “more than 6 million Americans have come out on Facebook, with roughly 800,000 of those announcements taking place in the past year…Facebook reports that three times as many people are coming out on the network each day compared to a year ago.”.

Our Social Media and Social Networking Services Include:

  • Social Network Management
  • Social Network Presence Design
  • Social Network Ad Placement
  • UGC Solutions
  • Online Event Promotion
  • Blog Management/Syndication
  • Feed Management
  • Blog Copywriting
  • Digital Video – Creative and Production
  • Digital Video Distribution
  • Digital Photo – Streamlining
  • Digital Audio/Podcasting

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