Search Engine Strategies to attract LGBT consumers

Would you finance and build a restaurant that no one can find?  No. Then why on would you finance and launch a killer online presence that no one could locate? Easy answer: you wouldn’t.Many businesses are under the mistaken impression that “If you build it; they will come. But behind every successful online business is a strategy that keeps it at the top of search engine result lists.

Many companies are still in the dark about managing SEO. We navigate this labyrinth of 100 million sites and position our clients at the top of the heap. Our prowess at manipulating the fuel that drives these ever-evolving search engines is essential to optimizing client sites and achieving the desired results. This, in addition to our technical and creative acumen, provides us, you, and your LGBT clients an impressive leg up on any and all competition.

Our Search Marketing and Optimization Services Include:

  • Search Engine Marketing/SEM (Paid Search)
  • Search Engine Optimization/SEO (Organic Search)
  • Feed Management (RSS/Atom)


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