Fashmark is excited to announce an acquisition of OUTBrands as its parent company. OUTBrands and Fashmark will continue to provide strategic advisory services to those within Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Design industries, while utilizing the historical expertise of OUTBrands in working with and representing the gay community.

OUTBrands, established in 2009, will continue to grow with Fashmark as the two consultancies work in concert with one another to provide strategic marketing and advisory services to accelerate growth and brand awareness for businesses within the LGBT community, and those seeking to partner, sponsor, and reach the community.

Fashmark, founded in 2011, is among the top 10 industry focused digital marketing consultancies in the US. Fashmark is known for crafting experiences that increase the feeling of human connectivity and the power of each individual experience, regardless of touchpoint. Fashmark focuses on the human-side of the customer-centric strategies that simultaneously benefit the client’s bottom line while remaining true to the integrity of Fashmark’s name, our client’s mission, and our collective impact as we continue to make the world more connective through creative solutions and digital/ecommerce innovation.

Kristin Fernholz // Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer

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Come back soon to see how our leadership team expands to represent the supportive and progressive mission of Fashmark and OUTBrands.

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