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The HRC’s 2016 Buying for Workplace Equality Guide for 2016 has been released. The guide is to serve as resource on companies, products, and the services that support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Workplace Inclusion. Workplace equality is a factor that influences the purchasing decisions of consumers who care about social causes and LGBT inclusion.

People care about the businesses they support – and more than ever, consumers are watching the decisions businesses are making in the social issues that are important to individuals. That means buying power from LGBTQ inclusiveness in workplace policies can have influence a customer’s desire to spend with one company over another.

In the 2016 HRC’s Buyer’s Guide, businesses are rated on a scale of 0 to 100. The factors that contribute to the scores include whether their policies support LGBT employees. Policies include issues like anti-discrimination protection, benefits for domestic partners, their spouses, and transgender-inclusive benefits.

The scores are estimated for the businesses that decided not to respond to the survey. HRC researches nearly 1,800 companies including many Fortune 1000 and American Lawyer 200. Businesses are not provided with an official score until all information needed is collected and verified.

With HRC’s “Buying for Work Place Equality” the ranking of business policies toward LGBTQ employees evaluates inclusion and serves as a guide for determining what businesses deserve your money. If a company is not listed, it may be because companies in the guide have over 500 U.S. employees.

However, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation encourages individuals to call with any information surrounding a company’s LGBT policies, as well as the businesses ranking low in the guide to let them know that your purchasing decisions and brand loyalty or loss of that loyalty is based on how they scored in the guide.

OUTBrands encourages you to also Tweet to the companies who rank low and let them know that you will no longer be giving them your business due to their scores.

Below you can download a PDF copy of the 2016 Buyer’s Guide, Download the Mobile App, or visit the Full Story Link to search by Category and Company and send feedback to HRC.

Download a PDF of the Full Guide Here

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